Customer Commitment

USAC focuses on serving our customers’ needs through the highest level of service excellence – allowing our customers to optimize their compression needs.

From the beginning of the company, USAC has strived to provide customized solutions for each customer’s unique needs, understanding that compression requirements evolve over time and that the right equipment can create value for our customers. We partner with our customers and grow with them over time by committing equipment and personnel. For our services to add value for our customers, our equipment must be operating efficiently 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Through a “best-in-class” maintenance program developed over years of close relationships with our equipment manufacturers and countless hours of operation in the field, we are able to optimize our units’ performance and stand by our service.

In an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, USAC is committed to working collaboratively with our customers to operate in the most environmentally-friendly manner possible. We have dedicated personnel available to help our customers navigate environmental regulations, both as it regards the initial design of the compressor unit, the installation and start-up, as well as the ongoing operations and compliance activities.